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GSD LIGHTING Co., Ltd have introduced total business operating system that aligns all of the internal processes right from Design, Product Development, Procurement, Assembly, Quality Control, Inventory Control and Accounting to become more productive and deliver highly efficient LED solutions faster than the competition. Hence it is imperative that you have a partner you can trust to rigorously research, test and determine the most suitable products for your specific needs and budget constraints.

GSD LIGHTING always conducts its business on the principles of Sincerity, Efficiency, Excellence in Innovation to continue delivering robust, reliable, energy saving and Eco-Friendly lighting solutions.

With the supports from an experienced R&D team and strong capital, GSD-LIGHTING has been concentrating on introducing the LED green lighting technology and ideas into both domestic and overseas markets. To make the products more environment-friendly, more energy saving, more efficient and more comfortable, GSD LIGHTING aims to be one of the best linear lighting solution provider.



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