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What's the difference between High Bay & Low Bay light

High Bay and Low Bay light fixtures are perfect for low mount applications such as warehouses, gyms, assembly areas, food processing plants and hangars. Standard high bay or low bay fixtures normally use HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulbs which is a special type of lighting that is much more intense than most other light sources. Metal Halide is most commonly used for indoor application since it emits a bluish white bright light that is much more pleasant to the eyes than HPS.

Low bay fixtures should be used in areas where the bottom of the luminaire is less than 20 feet above the floor. Low bay fixtures are usually 22 - 28" in diameter in order to spread the light evenly. Low bay HID lighting fixtures have optical refractors that cover the lamp and reduce glare. Their widespread distribution improves vertical illumination and permits spacings as much as two or more times their mounting height. In addition, they can be mounted up to 25' when high vertical illuminance is required. Fluorescent fixtures are also good for low bay lighting due to their excellent uniformity and relatively low lumen package compared to HID.

High bay lighting fixtures should be used in areas where the bottom of the light fixture is more than 20 feet above the floor. Typical high bay fixtures have a 15 - 18" open reflector allowing for a more concentrated beam spread with a prominent downward component. High wattage sources in fluorescent and HID are usually required in order to properly illuminate the space.

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